2020 ifiGOURMET Provisions Holiday Gift Guide

Written by Nicole Swierczek


Posted on November 19 2020

Give them the “sweetest” gifts! 2020’s holidays look a bit different and with that is a strong emphasis on shopping small businesses and creating homemade gifts. If you are looking for DIY ideas this holiday season AND want to support a small business, look no further. Our Holiday Gift Guide is all you need for ideas, ingredients, and instructions on how to DIY delicious, gourmet treats for your loved ones! These simple treats leave a lasting impression- trust us, you will be this year’s Santa. 


1.) Vanilla Extract

Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Sweet, mellow, and creamy! Give the gift of vanilla. Our Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract is single fold with velvety after-tones. It wows in powerful flavor and is a perfect addition to a holiday gift basket. A fantastic all-purpose vanilla that can be used in cooking and baking sweet and savory dishes.

QUICK GIFT- create a small gift box with Pure Vanilla Extract, chocolate, a cookie recipe, and a baking accessory like whisk or measuring spoons. Wrap with festive bows and voila! The perfect gift for any lover of baking.

Buy now- Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract


2.) Funfetti Popcorn Kit

ifiProvisions funfetti popcorn kit

Our Funfetti Popcorn Kit combines sweet and salty into a taste bud explosion! Plus- we did all the work for you. This kit comes boxed up with White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, Dreidoppel Strawberry Flavor Paste, Cocoa Butter, and Assorted Rainbow Confetti Sugar Décor- all you need to add is the popcorn!

Got an avid binge-watcher on your list that can quote movies by heart? Give them a snack to eat while watching their favorites.

Have young kids that are always looking for a new activity? Give them a dessert they can make and eat together. Truly fun for the whole family!

This easy to make kit comes with step-by-step instructions and allows their creativity to soar. Create custom flavored and designed popcorn that tastes great and is FUN to make! Click here to watch a video on how to create Funfetti Popcorn.


3.) Spiced Cookies

spiced cookies

Add a little kick to your holiday baking with our Spiced Cookies recipe.  These bites of goodness are filled with powerful flavor like Jamaica Rum, Vanilla Bourbon, and Pumpkin Spice. Topped with a Maple Glaze, these cookies are as “seasonal” as it gets!

Whether you make them for yourself or as a gift for your family and friends, these cookies will make anyone and everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.


4.) Flavor Cravers Kit

ifiProvisions flavor craver's kit

Calling all flavor cravers- this one’s for you! Our Flavor Craver’s Kit features 4 of our Dreidoppel Flavor Paste 6 oz jars and an information card with inspiration on how to use the flavors in different ways. Featured flavors include Strawberry, Pistachio, Lemon, and Banana.

The Flavor Craver’s Kit is an awesome gift for people who love to eat food with a powerful flavor impact. Bring out their inner chef by giving them ingredients that are all natural and can be used in basically any way they want- you are gifting creativity!

Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes are amazingly versatile. These pastes can be added into baked goods, frostings, drinks, fondant, chocolate, cakes, and so much more. Completely transform a dessert by adding intense flavor in ever bite!

These pastes can also be used in savory applications like vinaigrettes, salad dressings, dipping sauces, and anything else your heart desires! You’re truly getting the bang for you buck with this product.


5.) Simple Syrups

Various flavored simple syrups

Strapped for a last-minute gift? Our Simple Syrup recipe is so quick, easy, and uses only 3 ingredients: sugar, water, and Dreidoppel Flavor Paste! These syrups can be used to flavor drinks, vinaigrettes, and so much more. Wrap with a ribbon and gift!

Simple Syrups are also a great and easy way to add flavor to cocktails and mocktails! Click here to view a cocktail recipe you will LOVE.


6.) Dressings & Sauces

Salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and pickled onions

Want to make your holidays at home even more special? Start things off with a salad and an unforgettable Pomegranate Vinaigrette or a platter of fresh veggies with a Raspberry Chipotle Hummus! Our Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes can be used to create savory condiments that your friends won’t be able to get enough of.

One of our personal favorites to make for any gathering is a Mango Habanero BBQ sauce. Perfect for sticky BBQ wings, sausage skewers, or even a savory glaze for meatballs, especially if you want that extra kick! 😉


7.) Confectionery Chocolate Bark Kit

ifiprovisions chocolate bark kit

Chocolate is ALWAYS the perfect gift. But how about you step it up a notch- our Confectionery Chocolate Bark Kit lets you create custom flavored and decorated chocolate bark in the comfort of your own home!

Complete with all required ingredients, this kit has our White Chocolate Confectionery Coating, Dark Chocolate Confectionery Coating, Dreidoppel Strawberry Flavor Paste, Assorted Rainbow Confetti sugar décor, Roasted Cocoa Nibs from Luker Chocolate, and White Crispearls from Barry Callebaut. After following the simple kit instructions, you decide what your bark looks and tastes like! Create a marbled look by taking a toothpick through both melted chocolates and combining them into a design. Add texture by dropping in some crunchy, chocolatey Crispearls! There are so many options to make this dessert your own. Once complete, break it up, put on a platter or in a cute little gift box and your gift is COMPLETE!

For step by step instructions, inspiration, and recipes, view our Confectionery Chocolate blog here.


8.) Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Orange Peels

chocolate covered strawberries

When in doubt, stay classic. Chocolate covered strawberries and orange slices are an appropriate and delicious gift for anyone! Our assortment of White and Dark Chocolate Coatings make the dipping process incredibly quick and easy, leaving you more time to add some decoration pizazz!

Our all-natural Brilliant Powders from PurColour add a gorgeous shine to chocolate and decorations. Create Silver and Gold stunners for New Years Eve, Ruby and Sea Green accents for Christmas, and Silver and Mystic Blue glam for Hanukah celebrations.

Other décor options include White and Dark Crispearls, colored Crystal Sugars, and more. A truly custom and personalized effect on a traditional dessert.


9.) Florentines/Lacy Cookies

florentine cookies wrapped in ribbon

Our Bienetta Florentine Dessert Mix comes ready made in a bag- simply mix with nuts, bake, and they’re ready to go! Or drizzle with chocolate. Or add on top of chocolate bark. Or mix with candied and dried cranberries…you can see this is an incredible versatile product right? 😉 We have 3 easy Bienetta Florentine recipes that you can follow here. Put these crunchy cookies on a platter, tie with a red bow, and presto! Your gift is done and ready to deliver straight to the Christmas table.

Buy now- Bienetta Florentine Dessert Mix


10.) Flavored Rice Krispie Treats

flavored rice cripie treats

It’s a classic treat- elevated! Our Dreidoppel Flavor Paste options allow you to choose your favorite flavors and add them to your favorite snacks, like Rice Krispie treats! Choose from flavors like Pistachio, Strawberry, Banana, Espresso, and more. Simply follow our Rice Krispie Recipe to view dosage. A great baked gift to give to your neighbors, coworkers, and friends.

Flavor Pastes are available in 6 oz and 2.2 lb jar options. Not a baker but your friend is? Their present can be the flavor paste themselves! This product is incredibly versatile and can be used across many platforms, including baking, drinks, cake décor like frosting, and other dessert recipes. View our Flavor Craver's Kit for a perfect boxed up gift option with 4 flavor paste flavors.


All Wrapped Up!

Many say that the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach- we agree with this sentiment. 😉 Give the gift of flavor with the highest quality ingredients from ifiGOURMET Provisions!



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