12 Holiday Must-Haves: The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Written by Isabella Berkoff


Posted on December 12 2021

Hand picked for the season, we've compiled a list of our favorite holiday gift ideas! Whether for the professional pastry chef, home baker, or occasional kitchen elf, we've got the perfect present for everyone on your nice list. Oh what fun it is to give!


Dark Chocolate and Amarena Cherry Cookies

Pictured Above: Triple Chocolate Cherry Cookies made with Luker Chocolate,  Amarena Cherries and a Luker Nevado Ganache.

#1: Amarena Cherries

Dark, wild cherries that bring a special, tart flavor to desserts year round! These Italian cherries pair well with rich, chocolatey sweets. They're also great for garnishing cocktails (Holiday Moscow Mule, anyone?)! Amarena Cherries even contain melatonin and are loaded with antioxidants, so they make the perfect gift for the health conscious friend with a sweet tooth!

Holiday recipe idea: Incorporate these dark beauties into your favorite chocolatey brownie recipe for a super decadent experience! Short on time? These are also perfect for garnishing a holiday cocktail or topping off rich, chocolatey desserts like cheesecakes, cakes and cupcakes!

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Holiday Pine Cone Cookies made with espresso Flavor Paste

Pictured Above: Pine Cone Sugar Cookies dipped in Luker Palenque 70% Dark Chocolate flavored with Espresso Flavor Paste and hand decorated with White Chocolate Confectionery Coating.

#2: Dreidoppel Flavor Paste

Add vivid color and flavor to holiday desserts with Dreidoppel's variety of flavor pastes! Bake-stable and made with natural ingredients, they provide unmistakable flavor to just about any baking venture: icing, fondant, mousse, cake mix, cookies, ganache - you can even use them to brighten up vinaigrettes and craft simple syrups for specialty holiday cocktails! The best part? They're super easy to use! Professional pastry chefs and recreational bakers alike will love them. Some of our seasonal favorites include caramel, eggnog, pomegranate, espresso and marc de champagne! 

Holiday recipe idea: Whip up some Christmas parfaits using our seasonal Eggnog Flavor Paste! Our Eggnog Paste contains 30% egg brandy and is the perfect flavoring compound for cheesecake, crème brûlée, bread pudding, icing and more - it's the essence of the holidays in jar! Also, if you're a fancy coffee junkie or novice at-home mixologist like us, you should definitely try flavoring up your morning coffee or weekend cocktail using this super easy Simple Syrup recipe!

Explore our full selection of flavor pastes here!

Christmas Tree Cookies made with Maranta Luker Chocolates

Pictured Above: Chocolate Christmas Tree Shortbread Cookies made with Luker Maranta Chocolate.

#3: Luker Chocolates

Distinguished by its aromas and its fruity, flowery flavors with nutty malt notes, the Fino de Aroma chocolates produced by Luker are luscious with an impressive portfolio of flavor profiles. They're great for making ganache, cakes, truffles, and pretty much any other dessert that calls for chocolate! They have a vegan Oat M!lk Chocolate for plant-based chocolate lovers, and pride themselves on sustainable practices. Luker is part of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), and is  committed to the sustainable social, economic, and environmental development of cocoa growing communities. A delicious gift with a positive impact! You can learn more about the Luker brand here.

Holiday recipe idea: Bake these moist and chocolatey cookies with intense cocoa flavor, then fill them with a smooth, Nevado White Chocolate icing! Perfect for dunking in milk. Santa will be so pleased!

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Eclairs decorated with semisweet chocolate gold stars

Pictured Above: 5" Eclair Shells filled with cream and dipped in chocolate ganache, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and a decorative semisweet chocolate Gold Star.

#4: Cream Puffs & Eclairs

Serve them plain or dress them up for the season! Our eclairs and cream puffs come ready-to-fill and decorate, featuring a natural, authentic French choux pastry recipe. Our eclair and cream puff shells are made with a neutral dough, making them perfect for both sweet and savory recipes - great for catering and holiday parties! 

Holiday recipe idea: Serve up classic eclairs coated in chocolate and decorate them with semisweet festive chocolate decor, or fill up some cream puffs with an eggnog flavored whipped cream with a sprinkle of nutmeg!

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Liqueur Cups filled with mousse and topped with cocoa nibs

Pictured Above: Liqueur Cups filled with chocolate mousse and topped with Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs.

#5: Chocolate Vessels

Add instant glamour to celebrations with our assortment of chocolate cups! Fill them up with a seasonally spiced mousse, ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, or fresh fruit and top them off with some festive sprinkles or chocolate decor for a fun holiday display! All the pretty impact, and it's practically effortless!

Holiday recipe idea: Flavor up some of our convenient Mousse Mix with a holiday flavor paste, like Marc de Champagne or Eggnog! Pipe it into a chocolate cup, then garnish with some festive edible holiday decor. Knock holiday desserts out of the park with this step-by-step guide!

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Colored chocolate bark covered in chocolate covered cocoa nibs and confetti sugar decor

 Pictured Above: Chocolate bark made with Colored Cocoa Butter, sprinkled with Chocolate Covered Cocoa Nibs and Confetti Sugar Decor.

#6: Colored Cocoa Butter

Simple to use and made with natural ingredients, our collection of Colored Cocoa Butters are the perfect solution for incorporating bright, vivid color into holiday desserts without the unwanted chemicals found in most colorants. Our cocoa butters are formulated with natural resources like fruits, vegetables and minerals, so they're free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten, dairy and nuts! The perfect holiday gift for someone with dietary restrictions, or simply trying to use more natural ingredients in their sweet creations. 

Holiday recipe idea: Swirl some cocoa butter into a festive chocolate bark like pictured above, or try your hand at making some colorful confections like these Passionfruit Mango Bonbons!

Crystal Sugar packets

Pictured Above: Silver and Blue Crystal Sugar.

#7: Crystal Sugars

Kick store-bought sprinkles to the curb! Sparkly, eye-catching, and perfect for decorating frosty winter treats, our recently reformulated selection of crystal sugars have the same natural, allergen and preservative-free ingredients you love, now with more vivid colors! Use them to add some sparkle to cakes, confections, pastries and more!

Holiday recipe idea: Sprinkle your desired colors over a frosted cupcake for an instant shine that's impossible to resist!

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Pure Madagascar Vanilla extract

Pictured Above: Pure Madagascar Vanilla Extract.

#8: Pure Vanilla Extract

Still not sure what to get for your favorite pastry chef? Our Pure Vanilla Extract from Madagascar is a great start! Velvety after-tones wow time and time again, and it can be used for cooking and baking both sweet and savory dishes. It's the perfect little stocking stuffer or addition to a holiday gift basket! Toss in a bespoke cookie recipe, an apron, some baking accessories like measuring cups and a whisk, and you've got the sweetest little gift! 

Holiday recipe idea: Use this baking staple for all of your favorite holiday cookie recipes! 

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ifiPROVISIONS recipe kits

Pictured Above: Flavor Craver's Kit, Confectionery Bark Kit and Funfetti Popcorn Kit.

#9: Recipe Gift Kits

Looking for something fun to do on family night? Well, with these pre-made kits all the work is done for you! Just open the box, throw on a Christmas film and you've got fun projects for the whole fam (we totally recommend wearing festive pajamas to get the holiday vibes rolling)! Try out our Funfetti Popcorn Kit for a themed movie night, our Flavor Craver's Kit for experimenting at home with baked goods and craft latte recipes, or our Confectionery Bark Kit for a customized chocolate snack - makes a great addition to holiday gift baskets!

Holiday recipe idea: Have fun with it! Throw in some crushed candy canes, dried fruits, cereal, marshmallows or your favorite candy - there's no wrong way to mix and match our recipe kits with what you already have on hand!

mini pistachio cream puffs topped with candied orange peel strips

Pictured Above: Pistachio Mini Cream Puffs garnished with Candied Orange Peel Strips.

#10: Candied Orange Peels

Sweet, bright and decorative! Our selection of candied fruits are perfect for garnishing cocktails and a wide variety of sweet treats. You can also dip them in chocolate, or eat them as a snack straight out of the box! 

Holiday recipe idea: Pop them on top of cupcakes or cream puffs to take your dessert styling to the next level, or drop into a cocktail as a simple but classic garnish! 

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Brilliant Powder coated bon bons

Pictured Above: Bon bons brushed with PurColour Brilliant Powder.

#11: Brilliant Powder

One word: stunning! Enhance your desserts with a little glitz, compliments of our selection of PurColour Brilliant Powders! A little sparkle never hurt anyone, and they're perfect for adding a little brightness to the holidays. Plus, they're FDA approved, natural and kosher, so there's really no reason not to try them!

Holiday recipe idea: Shake chocolate toppings in a bag of Brilliant Powder to add gorgeous shine to cupcakes, cakes and more!

Shop Brilliant Powders here.


mini santa hat tarts topped with semisweet chocolate holiday decor

Pictured Above: Santa Hat Tarts made with Mini Round Sweet Tart Shells, decorated with semisweet chocolate holiday decor.

#12: Tart Shells

Give your sweet creations something a little extra this year (and yourself a break from the kitchen)! Made with high-quality French butter, these are the perfect, crunchy little vessels to hold all of your seasonal favorites like mousse, pastry cream, ganache and more. Plus, they're easier than pie! (Pun intended). The perfect combination of crunchy and sweet makes them the perfect holiday party treat!

Holiday recipe idea: For an easy holiday tart, fill some of our Graham Tart Shells with chocolate ganache and sprinkle on some crushed candy canes or a festive candied topping.

Shop tart shells here.

Wrap it up!

Many say the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach - and we'd have to agree! Whether you're searching for a gift for the professional pastry chef or the home baker, we've got everything you need right here to make the perfect holiday gift basket. Give our best to the chef! 

We want to see your holiday style! Tag us on social @ifiProvisions and use #PastryatHome for a chance to get featured across our channels. Happy baking!



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