8 Simple Valentine's Day Dessert and Drink Ideas You'll Love

Written by Isabella Berkoff


Posted on January 26 2024

We're strong believers that the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach! This Valentine's Day, whip up something extra sweet whether it's for a loved one, a best friend, or just some really scrumptious self care. Here are 8 Simple Valentine's Day Dessert and Drink Ideas You'll Love!


1.) Anything Covered in Chocolate

Image of chocolate covered strawberries with PurColour Crystal Sugar

Pictured: A classic favorite: chocolate covered strawberries! Fresh strawberries are enrobed in dark and white confectionery coating and rolled in Bronze Crystal Sugar.

This first one is an easy one: everything chocolate! Whether you're craving classic Chocolate Covered Strawberries, cozy Hot Cocoa Bombs or something more unique like Gluten-Free Oat M!lk Chocolate Tarts, our selection of fine chocolate couvertures and coatings are high quality and come in easy to melt formats, making tempering a breeze. Perfect for molding, sculpting, drizzling, coating, chocolate bark, confections, ganache, dessert décor and more!

Chocolatey recipes to try for Valentine's Day:

Chocolate fondue platter with fresh strawberries, cookies and melted chocolate

Pictured: A chocolate fondue platter is a super simple and fun way to entertain guests. 

Short on time? Here's a super simple recipe everyone will love! Make a chocolate fondue platter in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: In a medium sized bowl, add a cup or two of our Belgian chocolate and melt in the microwave, heating at 30 second intervals. Stir in between each interval to help the chocolate melt evenly.

Step 2: Serve with your favorite dippable snacks on a tray and enjoy! Our personal recommendations include marshmallows, strawberries and other fresh fruit, pretzels and cookies, but pretty much anything will work!

Browse our full selection of Chocolate Products here.


2.) Naturally Colored Desserts

Cream Cheese Rose Frosted Cupcakes naturally colored with PurColour Colorants

Pictured: Healthy Holme's Cupcake Roses, topped with naturally colored cream cheese frosting using our PurColour colorants in Purple and Scarlet.

Colorants are a super simple and fun way to add a gorgeous, eye-catching pop of color to celebratory cakes and everyday treats! You'll love how easily you can achieve bright, colorful frosting in minutes (particularly when you can feel great about the ingredients, too)! PurColour's dry colorants are all-natural, made with ingredients like fruit, vegetables and minerals. Bonus? They're also super easy to use. Simply add your choice of color to buttercream or frosting and stir!

    Learn more about PurColour's natural colorants here.

    Recreate these pretty pink Cream Cheese Rose Frosted Cupcakes, or try your hand at this stunning Pink Ombre Cake!


    3.) Naturally Flavored Cocktails

     Rose Lemon Martinis made with rose simple syrup

    Pictured: Rose Flavor Paste gives these Rose Lemon Drop Martinis a soft, botanical flavor and pretty pink pastel color.

    Who doesn't love a fancy cocktail on a romantic evening? Level up your mixologist skills with our super convenient Flavor Pastes from Dreidoppel! We love whipping up a quick simple syrup and adding it our favorite cocktail and mocktail recipes. With pretty pastel pink Rose Lemon Drop Martinis and bubbly Hibiscus Champagne Cocktails, love is certainly on the menu!

    Show off your mixologist skills with these flavorful beverage recipes:

    You can also use these concentrated flavoring compounds to bring natural, aromatic flavor to candy and confections, frosting, cake mix and so much more - even salad dressing! It's pretty limitless what you can do with these flavor-packed jars, but you can check out our 40 Ways to Use Dreidoppel Flavor Paste to get started!

    Here are some favorite fruity and floral flavors to incorporate into your Valentine's Day recipe repertoire:


    4.) Valentine's Day Snack Mix with Colorful Sugar Décor

     Chex Mix with strawberry flavored white chocolate, Confetti Sugar and White Crispearls

    Pictured: Valentine's Day Chex Mix with strawberry-flavored White Confectionery Coating, Red Confetti Sugar and White Crispearls.

    Sprinkles make everything more fun! If you're short on time and want a quick snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, give this simple, snack-worthy Valentine's Day Chex Mix a go - the perfect accompaniment for a rom com and curling up on the sofa! Plus, those little Confetti Sugar sprinkles and White Crispearls give this snack a super satisfying "crunch"!

    Here's what you'll need:


    • Cover your cookie sheet with parchment paper and spread out your cereal.
    • Pour 2 cups of white chocolate coating into a bowl and melt in the microwave for 30 second intervals, stirring in between to help the chocolate melt.
    • Once your chocolate is melted, add a tablespoon of the flavoring mixture (1 tablespoon of Strawberry Flavor Paste with 1 tablespoon of melted cocoa butter).  TIP: You must mix flavoring and cocoa butter together before adding to the chocolate or the chocolate will seize up.
    • Add more flavor to achieve your desired intensity. This is the fun tasting part!
    • Pour the flavored coating on top of your cereal and mix. Use a spoon or spatula to get all of the cereal covered.
    • Once covered, quickly apply your toppings of choice. Work fast before the coating sets. Enjoy!

    You can also toss these colorful toppings onto your favorite cakes, ice cream, parfaits, and other sweet treats for a splash of color. It's that easy! Our Open Hearts sprinkles add the perfect finishing touch for V-Day pastries and ice cream sundaes, or sprinkle our exceptionally bright Crystal Sugars from PurColour onto frosted cupcakes or sugar cookies for a dazzling dessert you won't soon forget!


    5.) Brilliant Bonbons using Brilliant Powder

    Image of bonbons covered in Brilliant Powder

    Pictured: Our selection of Brilliant Powders from PurColour gives bonbons and other sweet treats an irresistible shine in seconds.

    Glitzy girl's night in? Take your glam game up a notch with PurColour's natural Brilliant Powders! Available in 13 stunning and sparkly shades, these natural, food-grade composite pigments add a gorgeous shine to your sweet creations.

    The best part? They are SO easy to use! Simply shake in a bag with your favorite chocolate toppings or macarons, use a paintbrush to dab onto chocolate confections, or mix with a bit of alcohol for a super vibrant shine that looks great painted onto any of our elegant ready-to-fill Chocolate Cups! You can even stir a pinch of this iridescent powder into cocktails for a super sparkly refreshment that's impossible to resist (these shimmering Ruby Martinis are a great conversation starter for Valentine's Day drinks)! 

    Check out our guide on how to make these Brilliant Powder Covered Bonbons!


    6.) Perfect Parfaits with 1-Step Mousse Mix

    Chocolate and Amarena Cherry Parfaits

    Pictured: Make smooth, creamy mousse for parfaits in minutes using our easy to prepare, 1-step mousse mix.

    If your love has layers, you're going to love this layered Chocolate Mousse and Amarena Cherry Parfait! This indulgent dessert has alternating layers of chocolate mousse and Amarena Cherry flavored whipped cream, followed by chopped cherries and mini chocolate curls. You can whip up these parfaits in minutes using our super convenient 1-step Chocolate Mousse Mix (also available in White Chocolate and Neutral). Easy to prepare, all you have to do is add whipping cream. Achieving smooth, creamy mousse has never been easier!

    Here's what you'll need for these Chocolate Mousse and Amarena Cherry Parfaits:



    • Step 1: Make chocolate mousse according to the directions on the package.
    • Step 2: Pour a pint of heavy whipping cream into a bowl and whip on high with your mixer until the cream starts to get thick.
    • Step 3: Add 2 tablespoons of Amarena Cherry Flavor Paste to the cream and mix. For an intense cherry flavor, add more. Whip until stiff peaks form.
    • Step 4: In a glass, add a layer of your prepared chocolate mousse, then the Amarena Cherry flavored whipped cream. Add a layer of chopped cherries. Continue layers until the glass is full and top with some Dark Chocolate Blossom Curls and more cherries for garnish. Grab a spoon & enjoy!


    7.) Easy, Elegant Desserts with Ready-to-Fill Chocolate Cups

    Image of Chocolate Cups

    Pictured: Chocolate Mousse nestled inside of an elegant Medium Marbled Tulip Cup

    Elegant desserts don't have to be time consuming! Our assortment of ready-to-fill Chocolate Cups allow you to pick a filling, pipe into your chosen vessel, and decorate as you like. You can fill them with mousse, ice cream, gelato, fresh fruit and more!

    Easy Valentine's Day Mousse Cups: pipe some Chocolate Mousse into a chocolate cup of your choosing, garnish with fresh fruit, and voilà! An easy, elevated dessert in minutes. Take it the extra mile with some Dark Chocolate Micro Drops covered in Brilliant Powder!

    Explore ready-to-fill Chocolate Cups here.


    8.) Perfect Pastry with Ready-to-Fill Tart Shells

    Image of Loaded Berry Graham Tarts with conversation hearts

    Pictured: Pastry Chef Jamie Caudy's Loaded Berry Graham Tarts decorated with conversation hearts

    Can anything say "I love you" quite like a rich, buttery tart shell? We know, we know - no one's got time to bake the perfect pastry from scratch any more. Well here's the good news: we've already done the hard work for you! With our pre-made tart shells sourced from Europe, you and your SO, BFF, or gal pal can enjoy fine pastry with any of your favorite fillings. So much better than a bouquet of roses!

    Easy Valentine's Day Fruit Tart: Fill a Graham Tart Shell with some custard, top with fresh berries coated in Mirror Freeze Glaze for a brilliant shine, then finish it off with your favorite chocolate décor!

    Explore our full selection of Tart Shells here.

    It's time to indulge!

    After this round up of sweet treats we bet you're inspired and ready to take on desserts for Valentine's Day! Whether your love language is something covered in chocolate or something light and floral, we've got all of your cravings covered - perfect for a girl's night in or date night with your sweetheart! After all, Valentine's Day is really just a great excuse to eat some chocolate, wouldn't you agree?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day recipes? Tag us on social @ifiprovisions with #PastryatHome so we can see your sweet style!



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