12 Recipes to Try This Fall

Written by Isabella Berkoff


Posted on November 14 2023

From rustic Apricot Galettes to spooky-cute Mummy Hot Cocoa Bombs, we've got you covered on fall recipes this year! Whether you're looking to bewitch guests with cute Halloween goodies or impress them with dazzling desserts like our Champagne Pear Tarts, we've got everything you need for a comforting, sharable autumn party.


1. Rustic Apricot Galettes 

Apricot Almond Galette

Recipe by: Jessica Ellington

Serve up this gorgeous, rustic Apricot Almond Galette at your next gathering! A simple crust filled with sweet almond cream is an ode to the comforting flavors of fall while our rich, juicy baked apricots bring back reminders of early summer. The contrast of the sweet, soft filling with the toasted almond crust makes this one an instant favorite!

This recipe is perfect for comforting get togethers with friends and family when the leaves start falling. Gather round the fire and enjoy this beautiful Galette!

Get the recipe here.

Tip: You can also use our Apricot Halves for tarts, verrines, cakes and compotes!


2. Champagne Pear Tarts

Champagne Pear Tarts

Recipe by: Jessica Ellington 

Looking to impress? Make a statement at holiday parties with these stunning Champagne Pear Tarts! Spiced graham cracker tart shells are filled with creamy, champagne mascarpone and finished with luscious, vibrant pears soaked in cherry juice. The Marc de Champagne Flavor Paste really brings on the holiday cheer! 

These are sure to be the star of the dessert table. 

Get the recipe here!


3. Oat M!lk Chocolate S'mores Skillet

S'mores Skillet

Recipe by: Stephanie Niemis

No matter the weather outside, this S'mores Skillet Recipe is the perfect welcome for fall. Our warm, gooey Luker Oat M!lk Chocolate melted on top of marshmallow creme and graham cracker crust will bring on all the cozy campfire vibes. The perfect easy treat for any night! It's also gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free for those with any dietary restrictions. 

Get the recipe here!


4. Homemade Gourmet Popcorn

Gourmet Popcorn

Break out the popcorn bowl and some blankets, because this recipe is one you'll want to share for many movie nights to come! It's a super easy, customizable snack for the whole family in just 4 simple steps. Plus, it's using all-natural ingredients like our Dreidoppel flavor pastes and confectionery coating! Try out fun flavor combinations like Frozen themed popcorn, S'mores, or our personal favorite at this time of year - Monster Popcorn! 

Take movie night to the next level.

Get the recipes here!


5. Luker Oat M!lk Hot & Cold Chocolate

Hot and Cold oat m!lk Cocoa

Recipes by: Kevin Touhy

With cooler weather upon us, we finally have an excuse to whip up a delicious batch of hot (or cold!) chocolate! Take your cocoa game up a notch by swapping out traditional cocoa powder for fine and Oat M!lk Luker Chocolate to get a richer, smoother cocoa. Cozy fall vibes are calling! 

Tip: Infuse your cocoa with mint tea or syrup, or add some fresh ground spices for a super autumnal spiced beverage. 

Get the recipes here!


6. Mummy Hot Cocoa Bombs

white chocolate Mummy Hot Cocoa Bombs

Spooky-cute and totally delicious, these Mummy Hot Cocoa Bombs are perfect for Halloween parties and make great gifts. The best part? They're super easy to make, just 20 minutes from start to finish! 

For equipment, all you'll need is a silicone mold, baking sheet, plate and a plastic bag for the icing! For ingredients, make sure that you have some white chocolate (we recommend our Belgian White Chocolate!) on hand, hot cocoa mix for the filling, mini marshmallows, and icing to create the decorations.

Here are the steps:

1. Melt the chocolate - if using a microwave, check out our article: Tempering Chocolate in the Microwave

2. Fill the molds with the melted chocolate, completely covering each cavity

3. Freeze the molds to set the chocolate

4. Remove molds from the freezer and carefully transfer to your baking sheet.

5. Fill each sphere with the hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows

6. Seal the molds! Heat up a plate in the microwave. Lightly melt the bottom of an empty chocolate sphere on the plate, then use it to top the filled half and gently press to seal. 

Tip: If sphere doesn't seal right away, try using a warm spoon smooth the sides.


7. Espresso Glazed Cinnamon Knots

espresso glazed Cinnamon Knots

So delicious, they'll get eaten as soon as they're out of the oven! These fluffy, warm Cinnamon Knots are glazed using our Espresso Flavor Paste - made with real coffee extract! Super comforting after a day out in the cold, and 100% worth the calories - better make two batches!


8. White Chocolate Mummy Cookies

White Chocolate Mummy Cookies

Another spooky favorite, these white chocolate covered Mummy Cookies are great for a Halloween treat! 

Start with sugar cookies, dunk in melted white chocolate coating, add googley eyes and let cool. Once the chocolate has hardened, melt more chocolate and cut a small hole at the end of a piping or ziplock bag to finish off with the mummy wrap drizzle. Easy at that!


9. Dreidoppel Apple Cinnamon Crumb Muffins

Apple Cinnamon crumb Muffins

The perfect breakfast for a chilly autumn morning! Crumbly, cinnamon-y and delicious, with a fresh apple flavor throughout. Use our natural, 50% apple pulp Apple Paste in your favorite muffin or coffee cake batter and powdered sugar glaze!

 Get the recipe here!

10. Rustic Chocolate-Caramel Covered Apples

Rustic Chocolate Caramel Apples

A classic fall treat with a twist! It's super easy and fun for the whole family:

1. Melt your favorite chocolate coating

2. Stir in cocoa butter and our Caramel Flavor Paste

3. Dip fresh apples in the mixture

4. Sprinkle with sea salt and Roll in your favorite toppings!


11. Chocolate Filled Jack-O'-Lantern Cookies

Chocolate filled jack-o'-lantern cookies

A festive fall treat for all to enjoy! Sandwich melted chocolate between 2 festive fall cutout gingerbread of spiced cookies. We recommend White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate for these!


12. Brown Sugar Apple Dreidoppel Pancakes

Brown Sugar apple Pancakes

Recipe by: Barry Brooks

You'll want these fully, warm Brown Sugar Apple Pancakes every morning. They're addicting! To easily get that crisp, unmistakable apple flavor, incorporate our natural Dreidoppel Apple Flavor Paste, made with 50% apple pulp. It's that easy! Top of your stack of apple pancakes with a generous pour of apple-infused syrup, or swap out your flapjacks for another fall flavor favorite, like caramel or pomegranate!

Get the recipes here!

What are your favorite recipes for the fall? We want to see your sweet style!

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