How To Make Easy Fondant Unicorn Decorations

March 18, 2021

How To Make Easy Fondant Unicorn Decorations

Does fondant scare you?

It shouldn't! See below as we create simple unicorn ears and horns using our rolled fondant. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Supplies Needed:

To create this simple decor you will need:

step 1 make the ears

Make the Ears

1.) Roll out a small amount of fondant to the desired thickness and cut out 2 equal triangles.

2.) Pinch the two lower corners of each fondant triangle together.

3.) Mold the base of each ear into a point and smooth out the seams.

4.) Apply Ruby Brilliant Powder to the inside of each ear with a small, dry paint brush.


step 2- make the horn

Make the Horn

1.) Mold a small piece of fondant into a long rectangle with rounded edges.

2.) Holding each end of the piece of fondant, begin twisting for a spiral effect. Trim the base of the horn to flatten if preferred.

3.) Dust the Satin Gold Brilliant Powder onto the horn using a clean, dry brush.

4.) Your unicorn ear and horn decor is ready to top a cupcake, cake, milkshake, or any other magical creation! 


Ain't got time for this?

No worries! We have Unicorn Chocolate decorations that are ready-to-go! 

unicorn chocolate decorations