Tip: Top 8 Convenience Items

Written by Nicole Swierczek


Posted on November 14 2023

This year, we're all about working smarter, not harder! Just because our products are of the finest quality and meet the exacting standards of professional pastry chefs, doesn't mean they can't be fast, easy, and convenient, too. Go ahead, try these shortcuts! No one will know, and we won't tell...


1.) Ready-to-fill Pastry Shells

original eclairs with butter cream and chocolate star decor

Experience a little bit of pastry heaven! Our ready-to-fill pastry shells offer a consistent, high-quality pastry product in a short amount of time. We offer sweet and chocolate tart shells, as well as our line of choux and puff pastry, all prebaked with your busy schedule in mind. A light, flaky, buttery éclair shell is the ideal outside to a creamy flavored inside. Simply top and decorate to your heart’s content!


2.) Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes

pomegranate panna cotta
Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes take our #2 spot for a reason- they are available in multiple flavors, are long-lasting, shelf-stable, and a little goes a long way, saving time and labor in the kitchen! These versatile products can be used to flavor cakes, ice cream, whipped topping, fondant, batters, and more. Customize the flavor of virtually anything!


3.) Dessert Mousse Mix

tiramisu parfait with chocolate shavings

ifiGOURMET Provisions offers an exceptional assortment of mousse and dessert mixes that provide convenience and labor savings. Our easy to prepare 1-step mousse mixes, available in neutral, white chocolate and chocolate, have a smooth, creamy taste with rich, deep flavor. They are also freeze-thaw stable! 


4.) Chocolate Cups

chocolate cup with mousse, pomegranate and strawberries

The base of a dessert that’s also eatable! Choose from various shapes, sizes, and chocolate variations, including dark and marbled chocolate. Fill these with fruit, pastry cream, or mousse. Garnish with your choice of gorgeous decor and you've created a professional looking and tasting dessert in minutes instead of hours!


5.) Chocolate Décor and Toppings

vanilla cupcakes with chocolate decor

The proper garnish adds the metaphorical “cherry on top” to your creation! Our selection of chocolate decorations, including our Everyday Décor collection, is the little stroke of genius that elevates your pastry or confection from ordinary, to extraordinary. From a simple chocolate Blossom Curl to an elegant Pastel Tulip, our chocolate décor is the perfect finishing touch.


6.) Candied Fruits

candied orange slices and peels

Highlight your desserts with a variety of colors and give them that essential note of texture and flavor. Our variety of Candied Fruits from Cesarin and DGF can be used for decorations and inclusions in bread, pastry, chocolate and confections. Since they have been conveniently candied with a traditional method based on a slow osmotic process that preserves the characteristics of the fruit, the work has already been done for you.


7.) Canned Fruits in Syrup

amarena cherries in cherry syrup and mousse

Our assortment of fruits in syrup include Whole Baby Pears, Cherries, Apricots, and more. Straight from France, these fruits have a delicate flavor and assure the highest quality fruits during any season. These fruits have been picked at the peak of freshness, hand peeled and hand packed. They are bake-stable, freeze-stable and ready-to-use, saving time and labor.


8.) Chocolate Coatings

chocolate covered strawberries

3 words: no tempering required! Our chocolate coatings are small in size and a fantastic substitute to using “real chocolate”. These coatings can be used for a variety of applications, including dipping, coating, molding, ganache, and the popular favorite: chocolate fountains! Indulge in the luscious flavor and melt-in-the-mouth quality of these delicious coatings without the long tempering process!



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