Pastry Cream Mix-Cold Process


DGF 8101-E2P

DGF Yellow presents an authentic French pastry cream mix with a rich, smooth flavor. Easy to prepare, one-step pastry cream mix in powder form. Add cold water or milk.

Pack Size: 35 oz and 22 lbs available



375-400 g Pastry Cream Mix - 1 L Cold Water 


Put the Pastry Cream Mix into a bowl of cold water. Mix it first with a beater in first speed and then in third speed for about 3 minutes to get a smooth, light and shiny dough. After 10 minutes, you will get consistent cream which can be cooked or frozen.

Pro Tip:

Replace water with milk for a richer cream. Add Dreidoppel Flavoring Paste to create different flavored pastry cream for endless dessert creations.

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