Unicorn Face



This mystical creature is the most magical way to top your desserts.

Celebrate each day with our chocolate decoration plaque with this cute unicorn face! This topper fits perfectly on a cupcake, cookie or a small individual cake and will make any unicorn lover happy.

Dimensions: 1.50"

Pack Size: 120 ct


  • Kosher
  • Unique Design
  • Decor that is also edible!
  • Made on semisweet chocolate

About the Everyday Decor Collection: ifiGOURMET wanted to create a collection of decor pieces that incorporate modern design elements that can be used on any dessert, even without a special occasion; we believe that every day is something to celebrate!

Nutritional Information

Category: Everyday Decor, Kosher

Type: Chocolate Decor

Vendor: ifigourmet