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30 Inspiring Uses for Sponge Sheets

Soak this in: our Sponge Sheets are ready-to-use and ready-to-fill for a wide variety of desserts! Available in both Plain and Cocoa options, these Jean Ducourtieux Sponge Sheets from France are topped with a fine dusting of sugar and include easy rolling parchment paper that can be used up to FIVE TIMES. The best part is that they’re made with all-natural ingredients! Here are 30 ways you can use our sponge sheets to create desserts of all kinds.



Roll cake with filling to make:

  1. Jelly roll
  2. Yule log
  3. Ho-Ho (Find recipe here)


chocolate sponge ho-hos with hibiscus filling


Brush sponge with simple syrup and make petit fours:

  1. Cover sponge with jam, cut strips and stack pieces high, cut into bite size pieces and cover in pastry fondant
  2. Cover sponge with ganache, cut strips and stack three pieces high, cut into bite size pieces and cover in pate a glacier
  3. Cut small rounds, top with a “kiss” of lemon curd, freeze and cover with pastry fondant
  4. Pipe buttercream on the long side of a small rectangle. Roll sponge around buttercream and cover in pate a glacier



Cut sponge for a layer in:

  1. An entremet
  2. A verrine
  3. A tart shell with curd or pastry cream
  4. Baked Alaska
  5. Ice cream cake



Convenience sponge for:

  1. Opera cake
  2. Frasier
  3. Marjolaine cake
  4. Tiramisu
  5. Sacher torte
  6. Charlotte Royal
  7. Dobos torte



Oven-dry scraps to make crumbs to:

  1. Decorate the outside of a cake
  2. Add as an ingredient to make to streusel
  3. Mix with butter, chocolate and feuilletine for a crispy cake layer

Steep scraps in warm milk or cream:

  1. To make cake flavored ice cream
  2. To make cake flavored pastry cream
  3. To make cake flavored mousse 

Pulse scraps in robot coupe/food processor and combine with buttercream to make:

  1. Cake truffles
  2. Cake pops
  3. A filling for a tart shell
  4. An inclusion for ice cream
  5. A layer for an entremet



Can you think of more ways to use them? Have you tried using our Sponge Sheets to create any of these desserts? Let us know! Tag us in your creations or ideas on Instagram and Facebook

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