Crystal Sugar-Silver


PC 1277

*Reformulated!* Same all natural, preservative and allergen free Crystal Sugar now in a more vivid color!

Sparkling silver lustered Crystal Sugar.

Eye-catching, textured décor in vibrant colors! PurColour’s Crystal Sugars are compressed sugars that are exceptionally colorful and brilliant. These sparkly toppings can be used as decoration on pastries, cakes, or confections.

Not recommended for baking applications as color will brown.

Pack Size: 1 lb

About PurColour:PurColour is an American manufacturer of all-natural colorants designed specifically for professionals in the chocolate, pastry, and confectionery industries. Their products contain no artificial ingredients, additives, or preservatives and are gluten, dairy, and nut-free. PurColour derives brilliant, vibrant hues from all-natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and minerals and offers them in many applications, including brilliant powders, dry colorants, artisan cocoa butters, and crystal sugars.

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