5" Eclair Shell

Jean Ducourtieux

JD 716127-E14B

All butter, natural, authentic French choux pastry recipe.

How to Use: For a perfect soft texture, put the choux into the fridge 24 hours before filling. The choux will absorb the moisture from the refrigeration. Fill the choux by piping it from the base or by slicing the top of the choux. Fill & ecorate a minimum of four hours before serving and store in refrigeration until ready to serve. The pastry will soften even more when filled.

Once filled, eclairs should be consumed within four hours or stored under refrigeration for 24 hours.

Dimensions: 5.00" x 1.40"

Pack Sizes: 14 pcs and 140 pcs available


  • Natural
  • Ready-to-fill
  • Authentic French Recipe
  • Great for catering, buffets, parties, and more!

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