Viennese Almond Flavor Paste


DRE 24204 0-E6J

A popular, classic almond taste for pastries! Once you open up the jar, the tantalizing scent of almond bursts out. Add this flavor to all of your holiday creations. Perfect for cakes, cookies, buttercream, fillings, chocolate and more. 

Pack Sizes: 6 oz jar and 2.2 lb Jar

Dosage: 5% (50 g:1000 g)


  • Natural
  • Kosher
  • Bake-Stable
  • Unmistakable Flavor
  • Aromatic

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About Dreidoppel:
Give your desserts the greatest flavor with Dreidoppel's large array of Flavor Pastes. Citrus, floral, fruity, or boozy, take your pick! This incredibly versatile product can be used to flavor icing, buttercream, cake mix, pastry cream, whipping cream, glaze, mousse, cheesecake, ganache, and so much more! Dreidoppel is the world's premier manufacturer of flavorings and specialty ingredients for pastry, confection, and ice cream producers around the world. Based in Germany, the company has over 100 years of experience producing fine fruit, nut, coffee, and liquor flavorings for culinary professionals.