Fruit Chews

February 27, 2020

Fruit chews recipe

Recipe by: Jessica Ellington



220 g Heavy Cream
0.50 g Kosher Salt
126 g Glucose Syrup (DGF 8369)
16 g Trimoline Invert Sugar Syrup (DGF 8301)
110 g Granulated Sugar
30 g Dreidoppel Flavor Paste (Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Blackberry or your favorite flavor!)
4 g Lemon Juice
6 g Belgian Cocoa Butter (96346)



  1. Heat all ingredients except lemon juice and cocoa butter in a medium saucepan to 118°C (245°F), stirring gently.
  2. Remove from heat and whisk in cocoa butter and lemon juice.
  3. Cast into an 18 cm frame.
  4. Cool and cut into desired size.