Rice Crispie Treats with Dreidoppel

May 01, 2021

Rice Crispie Treats with Dreidoppel

Recipe by: Jamie Caudy

Yield Tray: Standard Half Sheet Pan size 18" x 13"

Yield Portions: 1 by 1 inch portions 190 approx.

Ingredients 1/2 x 1 x Half Sheet

2 x Full Sheet

Butter Unsalted 120 g 240 g

480 g

Marshmallow Minis 450 g 900 g

1800 g

Rice Crispies Cereal 200 g 400 g

800 g

Dreidoppel Flavor Paste 30 g 60 g

120 g

Fruit Flavors 5% 0 0


Nut or Coffee Flavors 10% 0 0




1.) Melt the butter over low heat, then add in the Marshmallows and stir in continuously until the marshmallows have melted completely.

2.) Add in the Dreidoppel Flavor Paste and stir in until completely incorporated.

3.) Immediately pour the mixture onto a half sheet pan which is pre-layered with parchment paper liner. 

4.) Spread the mixture evenly on the tray. The mixtue is easier to spread when still warm. It also helps to grease your spatula/palette knife to avoid sticking. 

5.) Once the treats have cooled they can be cut into desired portion sizes.


Dreidoppel Flavor Dosing for Rice Crispies 5%-10%

Fruit Flavor Pastes- i.e Strawberry, Blueberry use 10%

Nut and Coffee Flavor Pastes- i.e. Espresso, Pistachio use 5%.