Flavored Confectionery Bars

February 28, 2020

Flavored confectionery bars with Dreidoppel Flavor Pastes

Our basic recipe for flavored confectionery chocolate bars will make every chocoholic's mouth water! Inspire with unique patterns, appealing colors, and exciting flavors. We have over 50 flavor pastes to help you create individual sweets for every occasion. 

Basic Recipe


 White Couverture

1,000 g

Cocoa Butter

50 g

Dreidoppel Flavor Paste

50 g



Melt couverture and cocoa butter. Add paste of your choice and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass has formed. 

Pour chocolate in molds.

Shake molds gently to avoid air bubbles.

Set aside to cool and harden.


Voila! Custom flavored and colored chocolate confectionery!