Apricot Halves in Light Syrup


DGF 03108

DGF Apricot Halves in Syrup are juicy, fresh, and sweet.

Hand-packed and arranged in a ring.

Pack Size: 2.2 lbs and 4.61 lbs available

Drained Weight:

  • 1.10 lbs/2.2 lb can
  • 2.94 lbs/4.61 lb can


  • 22-44 pcs/2.2 lb can
  • 96-110 pcs/4.61 lb can


  • Natural
  • Bake-Stable
  • Freeze-Stable
  • Fruits picked at peak maturity
  • Food-friendly canning- canned by hand!
  • Firm fruit
  • Labor saving-no need to peel or cut fruit
  • All look the same, making decorating a breeze

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