Belgian White Chocolate

Grand Marque


Grand Marque White Chocolate has a rich, ultra-smooth mouthfeel. The flavor profile is creamy with pronounced natural vanilla and not too sweet. It is a very versatile white chocolate, suitable for any dessert or pastry application. Manufactured in a Belgian chocolate factory that is famous for its superb white couvertures. It has a perfect balance of cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar and natural vanilla.

Pack Size: 1 lb and 22 lbs available


  • Natural
  • Kosher
  • Smooth, rich taste
  • Versatile in use
Crystallization Curve (Tempering):
  • Melt: 45° C (113° F)
  • Drop: 27° C (80.6° F)
  • Work: 28-29° C (82.4-84.2° F) up to 31.5° C (88.7° F)

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