Single Origin Dark Chocolate and Rum Truffles

March 23, 2021

Single Origin Dark Chocolate and Rum Truffles


Yields: 120 Molded or 140 Truffle Shells

 8.8 oz

Heavy Cream

1.7 oz

Glucose (DGF 8311)

9.2 oz

San Martin 72% Chocolate (LUK D122) (plus more if using truffle molds)

1.7 oz

Unsalted Butter

0.3 oz

Dreidoppel Jamaica Rum Flavor Paste (DRE 21904 2)

Optional Dark Truffle Shells 




1.) Prepare polycarbonate molds by polishing with a cotton ball.

2.) Temper the chocolate per manufacturer's instructions.

3.) Fill cavities with dark chocolate and tap out air bubbles.

4.) Hold mold upside down and tap out excess chocolate.

5.) Scrape surface to clean the edges of each cavity.

6.) Allow chocolate to crystallize. 



1.) Place the 8.8 oz of heavy cream and 1.7 oz of glucose into a sauce pot. When this mixture comes to the boiling stage, slowly pour it onto the 9.2 oz of San Martin chopped chocolate. Stir continuously to keep the ganache mixture homogenous.

2.) Set aside to cool 30-35° C or about 88° F. Stir in the 1.7 oz softened butter and the 0.3 oz of Jamaica Rum Flavor Paste at this stage.

3.) Fill into prepared chocolate mold or pre-made truffle shells and allow to crystallize.



1.) FOR PRE-MADE TRUFFLE SHELLS: Once the ganache filling has crystallized, enrobe truffles in tempered dark chocolate and top with cocoa powder or decorate to desired design style. For example, we dusted on Gold Brilliant Powder as seen here!

2.) FOR CHOCOLATE MOLDS: Choose your favorite mold shape and decorate by airbrushing, adding Brilliant Powder, or colored cocoa butter to the mold before filling with chocolate.  To achieve the look below, we coated the plastic mold with Red Cocoa Butter before filling it with chocolate. Once they solidified, the bonbons are beautifully decorated!

assorted truffles