9 Incredible Tasting Recipes Using Luker Chocolate

October 28, 2020

luker chocolate perla chocolate sponge cake

Luker Chocolate is a Colombian company known for its high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. Their chocolate flavors are deep, rich, and carry many fruity and acidic notes that are pleasurable to the senses. This blog includes master recipes for cakes, ganache, glaze, and more, all using Luker’s wide assortment of chocolate options. Open yourselves up to a world of unforgettable, incredible, and unique cocoa flavors!

  1. Chocolate Galleta (Cookie)- This recipe makes an excellent sandwich cookie filled with any of the Luker Chocolate Icings, and also makes an exceptional crust for cheesecake, tarts and other baked goods.Luker chocolate cookies
  2. Chocolate Sponge Cake- This recipe delivers the rich Fino de Aroma flavors of the Luker Chocolates in this moist, dense cake. Use the sponge for cake layers, an entremet base or serve warm out of the oven with chocolate sauce and vanilla gelato.Luker chocolate sponge cake
  3. BrowniesLuker Fino de Aroma chocolate bring unique and nuanced flavor profiles to this American bakery staple.Luker chocolate brownies
  4. Crème Brulee- These crème brûlée ratios allow you to create very different flavor profiles with five outstanding Luker couvertures. Start with our personal favorite, Noche 40%, or divide the base five ways and create several different crème brûlées for dessert flights or buffets.luker chocolate creme brulee
  5. Mousse Pate a Bombe- Use this classic pâté à Bombe mousse for deep but mellow flavor and silky smooth texture. luker chocolate pate de bomb
  6. Chocolate Glaze- An extremely versatile, freeze-thaw stable glaze with a high shine for all bakery applications, including white, milk, and dark chocolate finishings of cakes and other desserts. These recipes are formulated without gelatin, so the heavy cream can be substituted with nut milk for vegan desserts. Luker chocolate glaze on cake
  7. Mousse Anglaise- This anglaise based mousse is formulated for molding, freezing and thawing and is extremely versatile for all bakery applications.Nevado Mousse Anglaise
  8. Ganache- create truffles with a ganache so irresistible, one bite won't be enough.
  9. Italian Meringue Chocolate Icing- Each of these icings are delicious in their own right and have many applications. Luker chocolate italian meringue icing for cupcakes